Sunday, 18 November 2012

See God working a visible miracle on Youtube - Angus Buchan Story

I went to church this morning expecting a miracle like I always do. I am use to chasing out demons, laying hands on the sick and seeing them get healed, but I had to deal with ‘unbelief,’ which I did not know I had, my heart stopped beating for a second. It felt like my spirit was shaken so hard that my insides moved. What I saw made me gasp for air and cover my face – maybe I was ashamed for not expecting to see what I saw…? It will take me a while to wrap my mind around it.

Our Pastor showed this to us this morning, and said that he had spoken to Angus Buchan (see the movie “Faith like Potatoes” and read about the “Mighty Men” movement in South Africa if you don’t know who Angus is) about this event posted on Youtube.

This is one of the most touching moments in Ps. Angus’s life according to his conversation with Ps. AndrĂ©. Apparently it never rains or has any wind in that area of Israel, as it is a desert area. Angus also told Ps. AndrĂ© that his hat blew off as well as his heavy bible that was on the podium. Also notice that there was no wind interference on his microphone at any stage...

I don’t think anybody can be the same after watching these visuals…and looking at it through all the signs of war going on in the Gaza strip, it makes me think about our time running out to save those who are lost.

Why do we not see things like this on the 6’O clock news?

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